Opera has a long tradition of fantastic posters, and OE celebrates that tradition by featuring original art by a local artist as part of our official season posters. The fine arts and performing arts go hand in hand, and it is a great joy to feature the work and talent of designers, painters, and visual artists as part of our season poster. 

2023 Season Poster

Featured Artist: Sarah Lorentz

Designed by Clayton Hopkins

2023 Season poster features original art by painter Sarah Lorentz in a poster designed by Clayton Hopkins. 

© Opera Edwardsville 2023

Artist’s Biography

Sarah Lorentz creates energetic, striking compositions full of bold brushwork and electric color while also tapping into a specific sense of nostalgia ringing from a childhood in the 1990’s small, Midwestern town. While the subject matter of her work ranges from evocative figurative commentaries to pastoral plein air landscapes, the physicality of material and deliberate remnants of the process belay the same confident hand behind the brush. She has an active presence in the art scene in St Louis where she currently lives and works, teaching courses, attending art fairs, and exhibiting work regularly regionally and nationally.  

2022 Season Poster

Featured Artist: John DenHouter

Designed by Clayton Hopkins

2022 Season poster features original art by local artist, John DenHouter in a poster designed by Clayton Hopkins. 

© Opera Edwardsville 2022

Artist’s Biography

John DenHouter is a professor of art at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville teaching design, drawing, and painting for twenty- five years. He holds Master of Fine Arts degrees in Medical Illustration from the University of Michigan as well as oil painting from Eastern Michigan University. His artistic practice involves painting the local landscape “en plein aire” (on location) as well as producing still lifes and surrealistic landscape paintings in his studio.

Parallels Between the Visual and Performing Arts

The need to express oneself seems to be a universal desire and can encompass a wide variety of fields and activities. This is perhaps nowhere as prevalent as in the arts. Whether performing on stage in front of an audience or presenting paintings at a public exhibition, the tremendous satisfaction that results from having composed and performed a well composed song, dance, or strong visual image is one and the same. However, perhaps even more exhilarating, is the pursuit of practicing one’s artistic vision either in isolation or in collaboration. The never- ending quest to improve and excel in terms of concept and craft is a journey taken by all artists regardless of their artistic field or form of expression and can be truly intoxicating!

Edwardsville and the Arts

Edwardsville has a long and robust tradition of supporting the arts whether they be visual, performing, or dramatic. The community has shown its enthusiasm for the arts by attending events at the Edwardsville Arts Center,The Wildey Theatre, SIUE’s Arts and Issues Series, The Edwardsville Municipal Band concerts, and Curtains Up Theatrical productions to mention just a few. The citizens of Edwardsville and the Metro East are the beneficiaries of the work of many creative artists and administrators who have dedicated much time and effort to establish, enrich, and nourish the cultural life of the city.  

Thoughts about the Opera Edwardsville Image

Regarding my painting, I was inspired by the inviting atmosphere that can be created by a nocturnal performance. Sitting under the stars and moon on a summer evening surrounded by likewise minded people can be a magical experience. I channeled my memories of going to night baseball games during my youth with friends and family and feeling my excitement and anticipation grow as game time approached and the artificial lights became stronger and stronger illuminating the night- time sky. I hope this image captures this feeling as much as the physical setting of City Park.

John DenHouter

2021 Season Poster

Featured Artist: Michael Anderson

Designed by Clayton Hopkins

2021 Season poster features original art by local artist, Michael Anderson in a poster design by Clayton Hopkins. 

© Opera Edwardsville 2021

Artist's Biography

Michael Anderson is a visual artist based in Southern Illinois working in traditional mediums of oils, watercolors and drawing. He established his studio in the early 1980’s and has blended a lengthy career of architectural rendering, fine art, commissions and digital art. Works of art by Michael Anderson have also been exhibited at Washington University, Southwestern Illinois College, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, McKendree University, Edwardsville Art Center, Powell Symphony Hall, Art Saint Louis, and the St. Louis Artists Guild.  Awards include 2008 Dona Weder Abbott Award For Artistic Excellence (Highland Arts Council), 2008 Big Splash Juror's Choice (St. Louis Watercolor Society), 2012 President's Award, Life Experienced (Southwestern Illinois College) & 2018 First Place St Louis Plein Air Award.

Artist's Statement

"I am honored that my painting, Centennial Monument, was chosen to represent the Opera Edwardsville 2021 season. The season reminds us that music and art continue to flourish." -Michael Anderson

2020 Season Poster

Designed by Jim Harper

2020 Season Poster was designed by Edwardsville-based graphic designer, Jim Harper for OE's virtual 2020 season. 

© Opera Edwardsville 2020

2019 Season Poster

Designed by Jim Harper

2019 Season Poster was designed by Edwardsville-based graphic designer, Jim Harper. © Opera Edwardsville 2019

2018 Season Poster

Designed by Jim Harper

Our inaugural 2018 season poster was designed by Edwardsville-based graphic designer, Jim Harper. 

© Opera Edwardsville 2018